How-To Make Slime

Let’s make SLIME! This week’s video is extra special, because it was made by an awesome middle schooler from our After School Action Program!

You’ll see in the video how to make two types of slime: a basic slime and a fluffy slime. Included in the supply bags from Bridges to Growth are the materials to make the basic slime (glue, liquid starch, food coloring, and glitter). If you would like to make fluffy slime, you will need to add shaving cream and/or lotion from home.

If you didn’t get one of the free curbside supply bags before they sold out, use this materials list to watch along and make slime at home.

Supplies needed:
1/2 cup glue (clear or white)
4 tbsp Staflo liquid starch
food coloring

Optional supplies:
6 tbsp of shaving cream or lotion

We’d love to see your goopy, gloppy creations, so share on social media and tag us!

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