How to Make an LED Rudolph!

Watch to learn how to make a pipe cleaner Rudolph with a light-up nose!LED Rudolph video

This week’s curbside supply bags included the supplies to make a light-up Rudolph. If you weren’t able to get a supply bag this week, you can follow along with these instructions.


  • 1 coin cell battery

  • 1 brown pipe cleaner

  • 1 gold pipe cleaner

  • 2 googly eyes

  • 1 red LED pin light

  • brown duct tape

  • glue dots or glue


  1. Cut both of the pipe cleaners in half.  On both ends of the cut brown pipe cleaner, pull the fur off of about 1/4 and inch of it to leave just the metal exposed.  This helps the pipe cleaners to have a better connection with the metal and makes the light work better.
  2. Twist the end of one brown pipe cleaner half to one side of the LED light. Repeat with the other brown pipe cleaner half.
  3. At the top of the pipe cleaners, bend in at an angle to make the top of the head.
  4. The pins on the lights are different lengths.  The long side of the pin light is positive and the short side is negative. You will need to match those up with the battery charges for the light to turn on.
  5. To make your antlers, cut 2 inches off of the tops of the gold pipe cleaners and twist around the tops of them. Then attach them to the top of the reindeer head on the edges near the bend.
  6. Using brown duct tape, tape the ends of the pipe cleaner around the battery — match up the ends with the correct charge.  You will see it light up if it is correct.
  7. Attach the eyes with glue or glue spots.
  8. Enjoy!

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